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Hengbo R&D center was established in October 2008. It is a first-level unit under the group company, which consists of 9 departments, more than 200 people - includes 15 people with senior technical titles. It is a comprehensive technical team which specializes on product development, process, design and material research.

The R&D center adopts advancing testing process, apparatus and system as well as design and simulation software to collaborate with the R&D process among major factories. The laboratory has also established cooperation of R&D and production with Zhejiang University, in product design, analysis and verification.

In 2010, the center passed the evaluation of the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS), and became the first private national accredited laboratory which was recognized by more than 70 countries worldwide, in the automobile filter industry.

In 2013, the center established “Hengbo-Zhejiang University NVH Joint Laboratory”, a cooperation of product research, development and production with Zhejiang University. This joint laboratory is equipped with a standard anechoic room and the world's leading software and hardware, to ensure the reliability of test data and the speed of post-processing.

In 2017, Hengbo established "Hengbo (Shanghai) R&D Center" in Shanghai, to strengthen the strategic advantage of innovation by working closely with the factories.

In 2018, the center was recognized as the “Hengbo Automobile Intake System Research Institute, Zhejiang”, by Science and Technology Department, Zhejiang Province.

Charcoal Canister Test System

Hengbo Laboratory introduces an advancing system for testing functionality of charcoal canister in controlling fuel volatiles. It includes m+p ACON charcoal canister tester from Germany, RICHMOND Mini SHED from USA, refueling carts and Grabner fully automatic steam pressure tester from Austria. The system can operate BWC, GWC, 2DBL, ORVR and the tests of charcoal canister in the domestic HJ/T 390 and GB18352.6-2016 (for Light Vehicle Pollutant Emission Limitation and Measurement Method·China Phase VI), to meet EPA, CARB and EURO test standards.

Particle Filter Test System

As any intake particles around size of 20μm ~ 40μm could damage the engine, the traditional measurement of detecting the filtering efficiency is to weight the particles mass. Hengbo's particle filter test system uses an optical particle counter, which applies a multi-channel detection and capture technology to grade the sizes of filtered particles. It accurately detects any particles above 20μm after filtration, to extend engine lifespan. The minimum traceable size of particles can reach 0.03μm, which can be dust, oily aerosols, and sodium chloride, effectively grading the filtering efficiency.

Three-axis Vibration Test System

Hengbo Laboratory introduces a three-axis vibration test system to test the durability and reliability of the products. The equipment has a rated thrust: 7000kgf, impact thrust: 14000kgf, the maximum load: 1000kg, frontal positioning shift: 51mm, rated speed: 2m/s, rated acceleration: 981m/s2, rated frequency: 2-2700HZ. It can performs X, Y, Z three directional vibration, temperature range from -40°C to +150°C, and humidity from 20% RH to 98% RH, to simulates the most extreme environmental condition of high temperature, high cold, high humidity in testing the durability of the products.

NVH Laboratory

Hengbo NVH Laboratory adopts advancing design software to cope with the R&D process among major factories, as well as simulation software to assist in analyzing product performance. Semi-muffler room, and the LMS6 channel digital collector are used to verify the design output. The laboratory established cooperation of R&D and production with Zhejiang University, in product design, analysis and verification. In addition, Hengbo established several R&D centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen, etc. in order to strengthen the stragetic advantage of innovation by working closely with the factories.


Hengbo introduces ST 3D blow molding machine from Italy has the world's most advanced three-dimensional blow molding technology to perform complex 3D modeling of the curved shape. It has a stable functional performance, which controls the error of inner and outer wall thickness at the bent part of the pipes to less than 0.1mm, which is 0.5mm among the domestic equipment. The motor is powered by the most power-saving and accurate servo motor, which has global network connection, to remote the OTA program upgrade and optimization of the equipment.








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