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Generator Air Filter

         Generator air filter: mainly is a kind of air intake device of suction filtering piston generator air particles and impurities, consists of two parts: the filter element and the housing. The main requirements for air filter is a high filter efficiency, low flow resistance, long continuous use without maintenance. A generator, if inhaled air containing dust and other impurities will accelerate parts wear, so must be equipped with air filter.

Air filter has the inertia type, filter and oil bath type in 3 ways:

Inertia type: due to the particles and impurity density is the density of the air, when the particles and impurities with the air rotating or a sharp turn, centrifugal inertia force can make the impurities separated from the gas stream.

Filter type: guide the air flowing through the metal strainer or filter paper, the particles and impurity barrier and adhesion on the filter element.

Oil bath type: at the bottom of the air filter is provided with the oil pan, the use of airflow sharp shock oil, particles and impurity separation and viscosity in the oil, and the oil droplets are stirred up along with the air flow through the filter, and adhesion on the filter element. Air flowing through the filter can further adsorption of impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of filtering.

Air filter replacement period generator: the replacement of a common generators every 500 working hours standby generator; 300 hours or 6 months to replace a. Usually the maintenance of power generators can be taken down with air gun blow is the replacement cycle can be extended to 200 hours or three months.

Requirements for filter filter: requirements are factory production of the filter, but not big brands, but never to use production of counterfeit.