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About us
The communist party of China (Hengbo Holdings Co., Ltd., the party branch was established in July 1st, 2004. Hengbo Holdings Co., Ltd. belongs to , has 1128 employees, including 25 party members.Party branch since its inception, thoroughly implement the party's congress, the third plenary session of the seventeenth spirit, we will carry out extensive public activities to "contend for five stars, and have achieved" (that is, the party member troop well, good work mechanism and development performance, the masses reflect good, good leadership), we will do our best to help to carry out the "three expand" (to expand coverage, expand work areas, expand the way of working), "three services" (service enterprise, service employees, service society) work, implementing party member "love, fight, than" activity. Strengthen non-public enterprise party organization's thought, organization, style and capacity building, strengthening the party organization's creativity, cohesion and centripetal force, at the same time, in accordance with the "CPC to group building, promoting the party construction to build" requirements, strengthening the armed forces, trade unions, communist youth league, women's federation, association for science and technology under the leadership of the bridge and the link to give full play to their role. At the same time, the introduction of modern enterprise management in the party construction of PDCA cycle management, make the party construction in a steady rise in the process of continuous improvement and perfection of, so as to promote the scientific development of the enterprise, realizes the party construction and common development of enterprises. The company party branch won the jiang days "two new" organization demonstration pilot project of party building work, year after year won the communist party of China (luqiao street committee the honorary title of "advanced party branch (total)". The party become a booster for the development of the company, the company's performance several years of rapid growth.