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Human resources
Talent is the first production factor of enterprises, in today's society competition between enterprises is the competition between talents. According to the talent management experience in recent years, Hengbo refined below  "123456" talent culture mode:
1.Devotion. Dedicated is "unity, pragmatic and innovative" . In today's society, person regard their own development and the company's development together, the pursuit of a sense of belonging and sense of honor, loyal to the enterprise, in an ordinary post silently dedication is appreciated every company, if a person blindly pursue personal terms, only speak, not devotion, so people in the enterprise is hard to survive and foothold. "devotion" is the highest state of Hengbo's talent culture.
2.Virtue and Efficiency. Efficiency maximization is a constant goal, the pursuit of social benefits and economic benefits "win-win" is the basis for Hengbo's development. In Hengbo, worker's salary is proportional to the created wealth .Virtue and Efficiency is principle of choosing employees of Hengbo.
3. Ability first.  The most important thing is the ability,  no matter where you come from, and which university you graduated. Not strict to one pattern with talent.
4. Can Cadre can be higher and lower, department can be set and cancle, distribution can be high and low;
5. Give. To give the platform, give assistant, give power , give  target, give reward. Four "can" and five "give " is a constant way of choosing employees of Hengbo.
6. Keep staffs.